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Saturday, September 27, 2008

I can has aneurysm? Kthx bai

I can barely watch this game. The defense is belching yards and missing tackles and taking horrible angles again and we'd be absolutely gutted if it wasn't for UT's boneheaded quarterback. Sooner or later they'll put the second-string guy in and we're going to anoint another field general, I can just feel it. What the hell is happening to our team?

Can't do the PBP this time. Ech.

Edit: I'm freaking delirious. Kodi Burns is on the field, breaking tackles and snapping ankles, running for big first downs. Hot damn and what the hell - I want to ask why we haven't done this before, where he was, but you don't look this horse in the mouth when he just broke two tackles and threw the first down on an improvised rollout. Trott drops a pass, it's 3rd and 12 and we have Mario Fannin and Burns on the field simultaneously and what happens? The line rocks out on the pass protection, Burns throws to Fannin who dashes out for the first. Hot damn! War Eagle!

Barf. Byrum just hooked the field goal and everything Burns did comes to naught.

I just can't do this. Enough is enough. War Eagle and godspeed to the blAUgosphere for today.

Edit: baaarrrrrfff... The wheels are just poppin' off. We can't even run the draw on second and a mile. Blocking sucks. The commentator keeps pointing out the fact that no one respects the Chris Todd IONARZR. We just ran a play where Todd threw it into the ground, and two receivers were within two yards of each other. Defense out of position and missing tackles, special teams sucking, receivers busting their routes, Todd is Todd-ing it up. The only reason we're winning this game is the complete ineptitude of Tennessee's quarterback.

Final score: Auburn suck, Tennessee minus quarterback.

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ME said...

This would be what I was trying to tell you last week.

It ain't a Pat Dye thing. The I formation is DEAD.

If you can't pass the damn ball (that's either being unable to hit a barn or having the pathetic habit of routinely throwing into double and triple coverage), then the spread is really, really dumb looking - and you laugh your ass off while putting 6 or 7 in the box and occasionally adding a corner blitz. Geez... JUST LEAVE THE SAFETY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD... Auburn can't punch it in from 10 yards out... and can't make a field goal, either...

But we add a new wrinkle - THE QUARTERBACK CAN'T RUN, EITHER.

Today's game was EXACTLY like last week... except Tennessee's offense is just that much more inept than ours. Oh... I have to take that back... the defense was given a fumble in the end zone. NO... we reall, really suck.

The result - NO IMPROVEMENT WHATSOEVER - just more boneheaded coaching!!! Somebody get a clue....

Burns. BURNS damn it!!! Sink or swim with BURNS! Let the white boy ride the bench, transfer, whatever.


End of #%^@!$%=!@@^#%!&^ story. END OF STORY.