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Monday, December 1, 2008

I stand corrected

In an earlier post, I posted a video of Bo Over the Top and remarked that I, as nascent humanity, was enwombed somewhere to the left of the YouTube screen. Here it is again:


Well, I was wrong. Says my Dad:
In that clip, you're on the opposite end of the field, on the opposite side of the field from the camera. We had to look for the referees' signal(s) on that play.

Our tickets were (section/row/seat) 41-43-21 and 42-48-13 (we had to get tickets however we could... Mom had to "sneak in" as a student). We didn't sit in those seats though...

These tickets:

He continues:
From seating charts available online, we were in section 40, just on the "field side" of the south end zone - I couldn't quite see straight down the end zone line - and we were pretty close to the right end of the row. We weren't under the upper deck.

So the 3rd jpeg shows about where we were.

GLORY... and RIGHTEOUSNESS... Amen, and amen.


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