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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Is this... is this somehow... better?

Let it be know that I will entertain no scenario in which losing to Bama is considered to be "good" thing. And by "good" I even mean, "just this side of morally reprehensible." But with Florida beating Bama in the SECCG, there's a hell of a silver lining. Bear with me.

Exhibit A: Don't get me wrong: I'm not clever enough to cry sour grapes about the Iron Bowl - dammit I love me some grapes. I want grapes so bad. But it was pretty unlikely that Auburn would triumph in this past Iron Bowl. Yes it hurts. Yes, it's devastating. But no, it was not unlikely. It became clear after the Arkansas game that a victory over the Tide was not a reasonable goal in 2008. So we were, in some way, ready for it.

Exhibit B: the rise of the new "Auburn who?" Bammer. Auburn who? The team who beat us six years straight and now we don't care anymore Auburn? The cross-state college we don't hate anymore Auburn? Second-consideration to Tennessee, SECCG, and number 13 Auburn?

Miami here we come! All we've got to do is...

Oh. Well %@$&.

Tiger fans: they ain't got a leg to stand on! Having cast aside our traditional rivalry under the auspices of a fully transcendent, Sabanized squad, they've got no hate to fall back on should they lose. And lose they did. Bama don't even get to sniff at the national championship.

Warning: approaching critical schadenfreude levels.

Crimson cake, neither to be eaten nor to be had! Bitches.

So take heart, plainsmen and plainswomen. It's sure depressing to lose an Iron Bowl - I'd forgotten how depressing - but we were well-shored-up for that hurricane of schaden. We can now add the -freude on the end, seeing that that Bama's knocked themselves out of consideration for the one thing they claim to desire and can't even lord it over us1.

War Damn Eagle Forever.

1 Not without a torrent of hypocrisy, that is, and we all know it's coming. Just goes to show we're better than them.


More.Sawdust said...

Hmmmm... here's how Bammer fans see things... (after drinking 23 beers in his single-wide)


Sullivan013 said...

It gets even better. Consider the two possible outcomes of the Sugar Bowl. Either they win over a vastly underdog Utah and gain no style points in doing so (see last year's Hawaii-UGA game), or (dare I say it?) they LOSE to said 'Utes' and suffer the humiliation of possibly scoring less than Weber State on a Mountain West team (21 points).

Too funny. War Damn Eagle, Utes!