God girl grill gridiron

Monday, August 31, 2009

Grotus Acorn: now, truly, a blog about vinegar.

I get the feeling sometimes that there are two distinct groups of people who visit this blog. Firstly, there are the folks who are here because they know me in real life and they themselves are awesome. They're mostly here for real-life-ish updates and maybe to see what bizarre thing I'm cooking. Secondly, there are the folks who come to Grotus' Acorn primarily for the football- and Auburn-related posts, IE, folks who get linked up to the blog by Jerry at The Joe Cribbs Car Wash. There are also people like my Dad - well, people who are my Dad - who are here for both.

As you probably already know, The Joe Cribbs Car Wash is officially becoming a part of The War Eagle Reader's new Auburn website. You may also have seen that The War Eagle Reader was looking for writers. Long story cut short - I'll be putting all my Auburn-related blogging eggs in that basket as well. So for the folks who look here for football, look further to The War Eagle Reader. Specifically for the segment titled "God Girl Grill Gridiron." Seek out this logo:

What will remain here? Things I cook, stuff I do at the hospital, and whatever ruminations I have on whatever's to be ruminated upon. It'll be more of a blog per se than it might otherwise have been. Hopefully there will actually be more of the regular-style blogging here, now that I can cordon off all the football and make Grotus' Acorn a more personal endeavor.

Granted, the slogan remains the same because that's who I am: God Girl Grill Gridiron.

War Damn Eagle Forever!

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