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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tonight's Menu

Tonight, my girlfriend and I are entertaining another couple. Our friends are pretty gourmet... and we're in a bit of an arms race. They blew us away last time

With that in mind:

Assorted cheeses: hard sheep's milk cheese, parmagiano, Midnight Moon, sopressata
olive tapenade and crostini
fig and goat cheese quesadillas

marinated juniper and alder-grilled salmon steaks
grilled mixed vegetables
green beans almondine
sweet potatoes
red wine, sauvignon blanc, rose

almond cake with fresh berries
coffee, tawny porto

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Katie said...

That's pretty awesome. Want to come to boston and cook Andy and I something great? We, in turn, can make you come chili. How does that sound? :) Oh, and I'm not stalking you, I just have your rss feed, so I get updates when you've posted something.