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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Auburn vs ULM. 2nd half

Kickoff return is fumbled and recovered by Auburn! Thanks to Merrill (still pissed) and Spencer Pybus.
1D Trips far left Fannin in motion, handoff and go Super Mario go!
1G Lester takes the handoff and up the crease he goes to the two!
2G 2 Lester again on the pitch, around the outside and TOUCHDOWN AUBURN ('s offense!)
Byrum nails it through and we have officially scored. Maybe this 100% running thing will work after all.
Auburn 24-0

Kickoff again, returned to the 25
1D Trey set. Quick throw to the isolated receiver for 8
2D 2 trey set. Fly route to the isolate receiver is well-defended and falls incomplete. Steaks, as I know you were wondering, are delicious.
3D 2 3wr, TE. Lovett (HB) gets eaten up for a yard.
4D They go for it - give 'em credit. Big set, Ace. Delay of game and it's no more going for it.
4D Dunn wisely calls for a fair catch under heavy pressure.

This is looking more like what I wanted to see.

1D on the 36. Trey set. Again, snapping out of the guard position. Tate casually stiff-arms the free LB and rolls around the end.
2D 6 Tried to stretch the field, but it's in and out of a WIDE OPEN, end-zone-bound Slaughter's hands. A perfect strike was dropped
3D 6 False start by Bosley? That's weird. Whatever.
4D trey set. The coverage all drops out and Burns gleefully devours 23 undefended yards
1D Tate goes off tackle for a yard.
2D 9 Tate again, to the other side behind a pulling lineman for 6.
3D 2 5wr spread. Designed QB draw down to the 20! Imagine if we had run this offense with Dameyune Craig. Good lord we'd have killed em!
1D Todd in. Lester takes the pitch and zig-a-zags his way for 14 yards back to the LOS.
2D 10. spread set. Rod Smith catches the comeback.
3D 6 spread set. Dunn drops the sure catch on the quick out.
Kodi is heading to the locker room, with what seems to be a bruised shin.
4D Byrum misses this one. Crap.

That was nice until Kodi got hurt... and then we collapsed.

1D We almost get called for illegal sub.
1D 2wr, H back. Lancaster gets 5 yards by running 10 yards sideways. He looked real shifty, but we stayed home
2D Bynes wraps up the drag route
3D 2 BIG pressure by AC junior forces a stupid throw by Lancaster. Incomplete.
4D Dunn again is covered and catches fair.

Defense is lookin' good.

1D Todd in, 42 yard line, 3wr. Yet another false start!
1D 15. 3wr. 6 men rush and Todd is sacked.
2D 19 Mario sprints the edge but can't get to the corner.
3D 16 Spread set. Todd, again, offers the ball to the defense. Again, they decline. I am not convinced Todd should be splitting snaps with Kodi.
4D Durst "Saturn 5" launches the ball OVER the punt returner.

Todd is not our man. Burns is hurt. Hoo boy.

1D on the 20, big Ace. Courtney Harden sold out on the RB and gave up the out to the TE
1D Trey set, TE near. Lancaster throws it into the turf for no apparent reason. Thorpe was in position.
2D Trey set. Short hitch goes for 1 yard. LB got him good that time.
3D empty H. Neiko Thorpe overran the ball, but stripped it well. Incomplete.
4D Good punt coverage again. Ball rolls to the 21

1D on the 21. Todd still in. 3wr. Brad gets 10 yards on the counter out of the gun to the near side.
1D Lester on the zone-read-that-isn't-a-read-with-Todd-in-the-game for 9 yards.
2D 1 Tate hammers out the first down.
1D 3wr. Tate again for 6!
2D 4 Tate again for a big gain!
1D Tate again for about 3! Auburn's around 250 yards on the ground.
2D Eric Smith hits the smash behind Tyronne Green and stumbles, but first down.
1D Smith again, breaks a few tackles and runs down to the ten! This kid looks like the real deal.
ULM breathlessly calls time out
1D on the 7. Smith refuses to go down and runs to the three.
2D 1 Smith again for the OT, but LaMo is tired of it. Back to the 5
ULM has a player cramped up. Apparently all this running really, really sucks.
3D 3 Hback, A Back. Todd runs and looks like a hopeless, hopeless white boy. He has no chance of picking up any yards.
4D Byrum chips in the 19 yarder.
Auburn 27-0

Again - maybe there's something to this kind of anti-passing spread offense. It's good to hear the fight song again.

Morgan Hull kicks it way into the end zone. Byrum may lose his job if Morgan keeps doing that.

1D on the 20. Trey set. Lancaster is annihilated, run down by Zack Clayton, yet another monster in our legion of a D-line.
2D 12 Big Ace. Play action bootleg, complete to an uncovered TE who tried to catch the ball with his right knee.
3D 12 spread set. Lancaster flushed out, scrambles close to the first and doesn't get it. Then D'Antoine Hood runs into him, and the late hit is called. I don't agree with that.
1D on the 44. Trey set. Play action screen to the far side is gobbled up by Lee Evans.
2D 9 tight set. Goodin runs a tricky little dive behind a bunch of frantically pulling Warhawks.
3D 2 I form tight. Offset motion. Play action to the TE in the near flat, ball is dropped. ULM is 1 of 14 on 3rd down.
4D The ball is punted into the endzone.

I like this defense a lot more now. We're neither bending nor breaking. Haven't heard anything about Kodi yet. No one's seen him on the sideline, either.

1D from the 20. Spread set. Slaughter catches the (high-thrown) short post and a cheer erupts from the Auburn fans!
2D 2 Todd turfs the ball.
3D 2 tight set. Todd rolls out, Rod Smith catches the hitch on the far sideline.
1D spread set. Todd repeats his offer of the ball, and the linebacker can no longer turn him down.

1D 40. Ace H. TE catches the out on the designed PA rollout, breaks two tackles.
1D on the 33. McCoy on the handoff gets enough of the corner to get down to the 20.
2D 3 Ace H twins. Goodin is stood up at the line. Zach Clayton gets 'im.
3D 5 tight set. Speed out route - great throw, excellent catch. They earned a first but didn't get the spot.
4D I'm expecting them to go for it here, either out of the Ace or with something weird. It's the I form, H near. Tez Doolittle and Josh Bynes are having none of your double-teams and lead blockers. TOOD

1D from the Offset I. Tate plows ahead for 4 and a total of 114
2D 6 Eric Smith blasts through the middle, gets the first and more. Some penalty is called and we get 5 more yards
1D on the 42. 3wr, no, 4wr. Super Mario gets goomba'd on the screen.
2D 10 3wr. Eric Smith takes the completely-expectable option pitch from Todd and zips ahead.
1D 3wr. Smith on the zone sweep to the near side for 7. Keep goin' to the well!
2D 3. trey set. Rod Smith catches the floater, stopped right at the first down marker by his own right knee.
1D on the other 42. 3wr. Rod Smith WIDE OPEN for 33 yards down to the 3. Excellent pump and go with a great throw by Todd.
1G on the three. Tood stares at the post route and snaps it right in to Chris Slaughter for an Auburn TOUCHDOWN! Byrum does his bit.
Auburn 34-0

Now that - THAT is more like it. War Damn Eagle!

Morgan Hull returns to blast the ball again. The tigers are having no more of your irritating wedge. We're at 316 yards rushing, 86 yards passing.
1D on the 15. Big twins. Jake Ricks simply does not let anyone block him and destroys the play.
2D 13 3wr. Goodin gets three yards and is mortalized by three tigers including Gabe Everyman Mackenzie.
3D 13 Lancaster channels Tebow and jump passes to the screen. Goodin gets down to the 30.
1D on the 34. Big twins. Again, our d-line just doesn't let anyone block him. Tez Doolittle, one of many in the backfield prior to the handoff, is lucky enough to be the first one there.
2D 11 Big twins. PA. Lancaster shakes off AC jr. and scampers for a long gain. Neiko Thorpe lays a good hit.
1D Lancaster again scoots past some overpursuit for 5 yards.
2D 5 trey set TE far. Throws under pressure, tipped ball goes incomplete.
3D 5 spread set. Weird play, with every receiver turning in - maybe it was supposed to be some sort of screen? Whatever it was, the short route goes nowhere after the catch. Tiger down after the play. It's Gabe, but he's doing ok.
4D 3 They go for it! Big twins, and they hook up for a first. Lancaster got his damn bell rung by Pybus. Rattle that braincage, Spencer.
1D Spread set 32 yard line. Caught for 5
2D They go for the strike over the top of Courtney Harden, but the receiver doesn't pull it down.
3D 5 spread set. Neiko Thorpe damn near takes the head off the warhawk receiver in mid-air. Brutalized!
4D The 45 yard field goal is NO GOOD! It's a good thing there's no microphone on that kicker.

1D Neil Caudle in. Smith runs behind his blockers, and goes out of bounds like the impatient frosh he is.
2D 6 offset I. Smith again, who stays in the sidelines. The clock runs, and runs, and runs out.

Final score: Auburn 34, Lamo 0.

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