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Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Get the Game!

Lo and behold, my medical school internet connection bestows upon me the glory of, which on this day will broadcast the Auburn-LaMo game. I'm not the best at the play-by-play but I'll try to make it worth someone's while. War Damn Eagle!

I'm watching the Appy State - LSU game first because, hey, that's all we've got here.

1140: LSU just came out in a pistol set? Has the world lost its mind?

1146: Tonight's menu: NY strip, grilled mushrooms, grilled vidalia. Whether it will be the talented upstart Weber grill or the oven who, despite being less athletic, has been running this system for years? Game day decision. Clearly, everyone wants to see the grill in action, but if the weather is too stiff, we'll have to fall back on the less flashy oven as the starter.

11:47: LSU just ran the option from inside the five. Appy State stayed home and blew up the play. Goes to show that what works, works. Also, Hatch didn't pitch the ball ahead of Williams, who was then forced to stop and catch instead of running through the ball. All these option teams ought to play some rugby.

1153: Two balls overthrown to wide open receivers, and Appy State punts.

1154: Also, "Appy State" is an unfortunate moniker to me, the med student. I keep thinking "Appendectomy State." You be the judge of how appropriate that is, on this day when a pesky, vestigial (and rarely, lethal) football team is in serious danger of being annihilated by a well-trained squad who isn't going to let it sneak up on them.

1206: Someone get Armani Edwards a new chinstrap. He's lost his helmet twice already. And he's gonna be done by the second quarter if they keep calling his number.

1209: Jaret Lee in for LSU. Commentator's saying that they're gonna run more formations with Lee than with Hatch, but holy hell what else can they run? I've seen the option from under center, the pistol, the gun, ace... what else is left? Will their true frosh QB come in and run the A11?

1215: Huge blown coverage and Brandon Lafell catches a TD on the out 'n up. 24-0, five minutes to go in the half, and the mountaineers are already leaning heavily on the QB's legs. I think Appy State might be broken.

1220: Geez. Armani Edwards is getting hit over and over. He's throwing OK, but he's putting on a clinic in why the NFL doesn't run the spread.

1223: Again, an option pitch that doesn't work because the RB isn't allowed to run through the pitch. Appy State coughs it up again. Give 'em credit for going for it on 4th, though. They've got nothing to lose and at worst, this is great mental toughness training.

1225: Appy State's got quickness but they're overpursuing.

1227: Two poor throws off the back foot by Lee and two first down threats go unrealized. Tighten it up, man.

1229: I look away for, like, two seconds and Charles Scott blows right through a ten-man box on 4th and 2 for a long TD run. The only safety's ankles are completely broken. I'm glad to see LSU isn't patronizing Appy State, but this is just humiliating. 31-0 bayou bengals.

1239: Halftime. Charles Scott got the easiest 144 first-half yards of his entire life.

1240: Sideline reporter: Coach Miles, what have you done to limit Armani Edwards? Les Miles: We made him run all over the damn field and then beat the livin' hell out of him.

1245: This looks like it's gonna be a hell of a season. I can't even begin to say what stirs in me hearing the drumlines, seeing the players on the field. This is the best time of year. War Damn Eagle!

1250: Switched to the Florida game. The gators just ran a pro-style I form offset strong, weak twins, motioned the slot inside and ran off tackle for like 15 yards. That's 11 men in the box for the offense. God I love this game.

1255: Also, the Georgia game. They're comparing Moreno to Cadillac Williams. LSU's every-offense-simultaneously offense scares me. So does Knowshon Moreno.

1256: Also, the Virgina Tech game. The hokies just ran a nice zone read for a score from five yards out. What sprung the back was two offensive linemen zone-blocking at the second level. Pretty cool.

1259: VT gives up a first down on a well-run jet sweep to the near side. Good show ECU.

- Alright, I have to clean and pack at some point. Unless something climactic happens, we'll be back on the intertubes around time for kickoff. WDE. -

1325: I was just informed that Florida scored a TD out of the wishbone. The WISHBONE. This is why college football is so great. I've been watching for one morning and I've seen everything from the option under center to the wishbone to the gun to the pistol to the I.

1344: It's a damn good thing that Chic-Fil-A makes the manna-like sandwiches they do, else I'd never forgive them for renaming the Peach Bowl. Those tasty bastards.

1600: I just came back and saw that ECU beat the hokies on a busted special teams play. Damn! I picked the wrong game to miss.

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