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Friday, October 24, 2008

The first coke has been claimed

By Nate! In a comment on a recent post, he suggested two occasions in The Swamp that could be the game that sparked my deep admiration for the Tiger defense. I'm almost certain it was '94. But you know what the kicker is? Just you read, wait till the very end when he twists the knife. He writes:
You're either thinking of (maybe) 1993:

or 1994 (more likely, with 5 picks in the game):

Either way, Roll Tide. :) [emphasis mine]
Ouch! Ladies and gentlemen*, I just got schooled by a Bama fan, indelibly on the intertubes for my future children to see. Mark this day down. And he just had to say it. I've half a mind to mail him a warm can of diet Pepsi. But no. We here are Grotus' Acorn are men of our word, giving credit where it's due.

In all seriousness, thanks go out to Nate for puttin' that to rest - War Eagle!

You can email me at to claim your well-deserved Coke, by whatever method you choose. If you live near Winston-Salem, or will be in Richmond Virginia this weekend, I may just deliver it myself.

* I'm sure there must be some of each.

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