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Friday, January 30, 2009

I stand double-corrected

You may recall some certain family lore I shared with the intertubes last fall (hint: Phillip Marshall's mustache) and subsequently had to correct. Well, the whole story is even more clear now, thanks to my Mom who wrote me some time ago to further elucidate:

Before it becomes some family legend that Dad met me at Auburn, Dad and I met at work, when I was a secretary at the State of Alabama, Estate Tax Dept. I was an Alabama fan at the time, raised by Granddaddy in the family tradition. Only Uncle Lamar was an Auburn fan at the time that I know of, and we considered him "strange." They never won!! How could he be for the losers?

Anyway, Dad and I dated 3 years and I gradually shifted alliances, threw away a lot of red clothes. Then Dad went off to pursue his degree at Auburn. He had 2 years remaining. We got married in 1979 during Christmas break, and that's when I went to Auburn...

Whatever possessed us to start a family in college, with absolutely no money or Dad even having a real job, was just the exuberance of youthful optimism. So you are the product of Dad's and my blind faith, eternal optimism and joyous spirit of living dirt poor but in the loving arms of AU. It's a wonder, though, your name is not "Bo".
My father remarked that had he been so inclined, my name would have been Vincent.

It's true, by the by, that my family is weirdly split between Auburn and Alabama fans. And moreso, this Romeo-and-Juliet tale isn't evenly divided between the two marrying clans - there are Auburn and Bama fans intermingling on either side. That's made for some interesting conversations the past six years. But hey, being Auburn Tigers, we are about family if nothing else.

War Damn Eagle!

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Katie said...

I like your mom's last sentence about the optimism of youth.